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February 07, 2011

Rangers confirm Young has requested trade

Rangers GM Jon Daniels confirmed that third baseman Michael Young has requested a trade. Young made the request about a week ago. Daniels said Young has had a change of heart about accepting a role as the primary designated hitter for the Rangers.

Daniels said there is no trade on the horizon, and the Rangers would explore a deal if it would help the team.

"He's had time to think about it," Daniels said. "Time's gone on and he's changed his mind."

Rangers president Nolan Ryan said it's premature to speculate if the Rangers will be able to deal him. Ryan called Young after hearing from Daniels that Young had a change of heart about his role with the team.

"We're going to try and accomodate that request," Ryan said.

- Anthony Andro


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This offseason has been a complete disaster. I dont get the Beltre signing...seems like their money was burning a whole in their pocket. Should have pulled the trigger on Garza or Grienke. Rotation has to many question marks and is the 3rd best rotation in the AL West. OFFENSE DOES NOT WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS!!

Greinke wasn't going to be had for what the Royals wanted in order to send him to an AL club. We did what we could with what we had. Now, we have to see what club is willing to take a guy making $16M per year to hit at a .800 OPS clip.

He'd look good in a White Sox uniform and we have pitching to deal, but not with that contract.

Offense might not win championships but defense does. Beltre is a great 3rd baseman.

Catch a ball more than three feet from you and you can play the field. I Love MY but hitting sporadically doesn't warrant $16 million.

Trade him to a Mexican team since he thought they were so mistreated last year and he felt compelled to open his stupid mouth.

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