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March 24, 2011

Hunter, Holland, Harrison complete Rangers rotation

Rangers manager Ron Washington said right-hander Tommy Hunter, left-hander Matt Harrison and left-hander Derek Holland will be in the Rangers rotation to open the season.

Washington said right-hander Neftali Feliz pitched well enough to win a rotation spot, but that the team needed him to be the closer for now. Feliz was scheduled to start a game tonight but will pitch an inning in relief instead.

Washington also said five of the bullpen spots have been locked down. Joining Feliz in the bullpen are Alexi Ogando, Darren O'Day, Arthur Rhodes and Darren Oliver.

That leaves the Rangers needed two relievers, a right-hander and a long man.

The Rangers also sent left-hander Michael Kirkman to Triple A camp and sent lefty Zach Jackson to the minors. Washington said he expects Jackson to start in Triple A.

- Anthony Andro


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what good is a closer is there is no game to close because the starters stunk?!?!

Harrison is what he is. at best a #5 starter and at best if you got 30+ starts an ERA around 5. whoop-de-do. Hunter at best is a #4, he does the most with what talent he has, and I like him. HOlland still has the forever-labeled "high ceiling" and maybe this will be the year for it.

but to put all 3 of them in vs using Feliz?

this just postpones the innings buildup and experience another year for Neftali in quest to be a starter. that is stupid. Ogando can close. half of baseball can close for that matter. there is not a more overrated position on teh baseball diamond than closer and "saves". there have been plenty of analyses done over the years comparing the so-called value of closer vs starter and it's not even close which is more valuable to have.

i think not one game in postseason last year (partly due to manager incompetence but still) did Neftali come into a one run game. not once.

there's a reason tons of pitchers and former stgarters have been converted to "closer" in the past. it's much easier!

we have a bona fide potential staff ace and we're wasting him in the back of the bullpen when we desperately NEED a stgaff ace since we let Lee get away.

it's times like this i hate management. i know they want to win now, but ogando or virtually anyone with good stuff can close and let Feliz pitch as a 3/4 starter and see how that goes this year. it won't impact win/loss and will give him innings to build up arm over the years.


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