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April 13, 2011

Injury reaction from Josh Hamilton, Ron Washington, Dave Anderson

A frustrated Josh Hamilton said that he won't alter the way he plays in light of yet another injury, this one a broken right humerus (upper arm) bone suffered Tuesday on an aggressive play in the first inning.

"I get hurt making plays and playing the game of baseball," Hamilton said. "Maybe I should be a wimp. It's like kicking a dead horse. How else would I play?"

He said he hadn't spoke to third-base coach Dave Anderson, and hasn't changed his tune on the decision to try to score on a foul popup just to the left of the infield. He's aware that he essentially threw Anderson under the bus, but said he was just explaining the situation. "Dumb," he said. "People are going to blame who they want to blame. I threw him under the bus by telling the truth about what happened."

Manager Ron Washington said that he wants Anderson to continue to push the throttle and not be gun shy because Hamilton was hurt.

"We're not going to stop playing the game the way we play it," Washington said. "You think Dave is the only one that's happened to? Hell no. It's part of the game. We're not going to make them [the players] little wimps. We lost one. We're not going to go hide in a hole."

As for the Hamilton-Anderson disagreement, Washington didn't offer much. "He's got a right to feel what he feels, but I'm certainly not going to blame David," Washington said. "I think Josh has to live with what he said."

Anderson said that it's moot to discuss if he told Hamilton to go, but he did say that he told Hamilton to be ready to go. Anderson said that he doesn't believe that he will hesitate in the future because Hamilton was injured.

"That's not going to happen," Anderson said. "Injuries are part of the game, but part of the game also is being aggressive. The issue is he got hurt. If he doesn't get hurt, we're not spending a lot of time talking about it."

-- Jeff Wilson


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Josh, man up and apologize to Coach Anderson. If YOU had been ready to go when told, you would have scored STANDING UP! Dude, it's not about YOU!

JD Smith, I don't know you, so I can't question your credibility, but you're wrong. There's aggressive and there's stupid. In this situation there are 2 outs and Nelson Cruz coming up with a runner on third, and you want to tell me that Josh should score standing up on a play where Martinez had the angle? I understand what Anderson was doing, but he was absolutely wrong without question, and when a balls to the wall player is calling you out then maybe he knows what he's talking about.

The funniest thing is that Anderson is touting his aggressiveness. The man is the most conservative 3B coach in this franchise's history! It drives me nuts anytime a runner has a chance to score and he holds them up when it's obvious the runner would score or at least have a good chance to score. This has cost us many runs as many times the runner would get stranded at third, it even happened to Kinsler once in the Baltimore series. Anderson has been the weak link in the Rangers coaching staff since his first day here, just like JD Smith is the weak link to fan comments.

I agree with Ross. Anderson is one of the most conservative coaches out there and he has now has a target on his back from other players. An MVP doesn't speak out to a coach like that without other players noticing. My guess is that we will have a new 3rd base coach in the near future.

JD, there's no way Josh would have scored standing up. Josh had to wait until the ball was caught to leave third base. Only Usain Bolt might have been safe standing up on that play.

I think Josh had a 50% percent chance of scoring on that play, so I have no problem with Dave sending Josh on that play. But if Josh had any doubt in his mind, I'd rather Josh not run. It's not being subordinate, it's being responsible.

I don't think Josh needs to be "throwing anyone under the bus" however. I'm losing a bit of respect for him now that he's made his displeasure with Dave public.

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