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April 04, 2011

Jon Daniels speaks on radio show about Michael Young

Rangers general manager Jon Daniels was a guest on the MLB Network Radio on SiriusXM today, with hosts Jim Bowden and Casey Stern. They asked Daniels about the Michael Young situation, and here's what Daniels had to say:

Casey Stern: "When you look, Jon, at the Michael Young situation. I want to give you the floor because every day it seems there is another article. They've closed the door, they haven't closed the door on trade. Is there anything you'd like to get out there about how much better you, mutually, you, Michael and the club feel now about this situation and that he is a part of this team?"

Jon Daniels: "It's really not even a topic of conversation as far as we’re concerned right now. I'm not fully aware of what's written out there because I don't read everything. We have no conversations going about trading any of our players right now, Michael included. And I don't see any coming up, so we are fully expecting him to be on the club. There is no active dialogue whatsoever, and it's more or less put to bed."

Jim Bowden: "Can I ask you, Jon, how your relationship is with him? I went through the same kind of thing with Alfonso Soriano when we had acquired him from you and we moved him from second base to left field and he just wasn’t on board and then we had some tough times and over a period of time we ended up being really good friends as we are today. I'm just wondering how things are going with the two of you -- not that you guys have to be friends and best friends, because certainly it's a working relationship -- but I just want to know how that relationship is developing and if things are OK between the two of you."

Jon Daniels: "I think things are OK. They're probably not where they were a year ago when we had a really unique, very good relationship. That's obviously changed through this process. But I think, you know, I'm comfortable with where it's at. We both know each other has a job to do. We're around each other a lot. It's cordial. It's professional. It's not an issue. I understand what you're saying, time does have a way of healing some things, and, obviously, if the team goes through this year and has the success we're hoping for, I would expect things could change again. But things are fine. It's really, it's not an issue, it's not something that anybody is thinking about."

-- Jeff Wilson


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