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April 13, 2011

Josh Hamilton offers apology to third-base coach

Injured outfielder Josh Hamilton said that he had a closed-doors meeting with third-base coach Dave Anderson and offered an apology for the way he handled his reaction to the play in which he was injured Tuesday.

"I apologized to him for letting my emotions get out and getting ahead of myself and letting my emotions show through," Hamilton said. "I could have taken a better route as far as cooling down before I spoke."

Hamilton had initially blamed Anderson for sending him on a foul popup in the first inning. Hamilton dived head-first, was tagged out and suffered a hairline fracture of the humerus bone in his right upper arm.

"I see where I need to take responsibility for it," Hamilton said. "I appreciate Dave in having confidence in my ability that I could make that play. I was just frustrated moreso for getting injured."

-- Jeff Wilson


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Don't apologize, it was a stupid play. But next time don't tell the reporter it was a "stupid play". It was just unfortunate you were hurt trying to make the play.

Glad you apologized. This team is built on pushing the bases. You're not better than anyone else on the team who would have been expected to try and make it. I'm sorry you got hurt, but that was a freak accident.

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