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May 29, 2011

Rangers third-base coach talks about decision to send Napoli

Texas third base coach Dave Anderson was back in the spotlight Sunday, but this time the results were a lot better than a broken arm for Josh Hamilton. Anderson decided to send Mike Napoli home from first base on the two out Elvis Andrus single in the ninth.

Here's what Anderson had to say about the move.

"The only thing that made it possible was he was going on the pitch. As soon as he went on the pitch and the ball is hit, you're taking a chance. It's two outs and if they make two good throws we're out. You're hoping for one of three things to happen: the guy miss the ball in the outfield, a bad throw to the cutoff man and a bad throw to home plate. They made good throws. We were just fortunate. He made a nice slide there and he was safe. More than anything else is you're taking a chance."

Anderson figured it would take something crazy to win the game.

"Sometimes you have to be aggressive out there and take chances," Anderson said. "How the game was going on, something crazy was going to happen to have this game over with. With two outs, you take a chance. You've got one of the better closers out there (Joakim Soria). To get another hit off him with two outs is going to be difficult to do."

- Anthony Andro


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Anderson makes consistently poor decisions. He's the Ron Washington of third base coaches. He got lucky this time, but he needs to go.

Matt H consistently makes bad sports points. He's the Corby Davidson of S-T posters.

Washington and Anderson make poor decisions??? 1st place after have two all stars on the DL (one an MVP). Rookie of the Year with brief stint with arm issues. Boy! These players for the Rangers are really good at overcoming poor coaching!

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