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May 16, 2011

Selig talking expanded playoffs on TBS

Here's what baseball commissioner Bud Selig had to say yesterday about expanding playoffs.

TBS' Dick Stockton and Ron Darling interviewed MLB Commissioner Bud Selig during today's Civil Rights Game (Phillies @ Braves) regarding expanding the number of teams in the Postseason


Selig on the possibility of expanding the number of teams involved in the MLB Postseason: “I am (looking at expanding the Postseason), in fact, John Schuerholz of the Braves and David Montgomery of the Phillies (are here), both are club presidents and they are on that committee and we’ve had conversations about it...I really believe that 10 out of 30 (teams making the Postseason) is still a good number.  It’s by far the least number of any other sport as you well know.  We’ve run all kinds of schedules and things and we have a 14-man committee with four managers (including) Joe Torre who now works for us, but (Tigers manager) Jim Leyland, (Cardinals manager) Tony La Russa and (Angels manager) Mike Scioscia and four general managers, four owners and then (author) George Will and (Hall of Famer) Frank Robinson (are on the committee).  I can tell you, and everything has been very confidential but they won’t mind.  This group has voted 14-0 for more playoffs.  We’re moving there but we have details to work out and the details are difficult.  But I’m very confident that we’re moving inevitably.”


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