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May 24, 2011

Video of the hailstorm at Rangers Ballpark

This was the grand finale to the wild weather night at Rangers Ballpark. Fireworks on Friday won't top this.

- Anthony Andro



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They did the right thing get the fans to safety,no game or event is worth risking peoples lives.

We were there the staf did a great job looking out for the safty of us fans.

I saw it on Tv..great job by the ballpark staff for getting as many people as they could to safety..I applaude you.

Thought they whole evac was great:)
Bravooo bravo lol

Safety first but at the same time I was in the All you can eat area. Its all you can eat until 7th inning but yet that was the last of it during that. Guess I should have eaten right when I got there.

I won't buy those seats again.

I am reading this at 05:00 AM on Wednesday, the 25th of May. I am in Seattle, Washington but live in Mesquite Texas. I haven't called home yet, but sure hope that hail didn't hit my house or car.

This sure tops George W Bush almost getting wiped out the other day

I was there Last night, I was up in the Suites, and I agree the Staff of the Ballpark is extremley Polite. I think the Ballpark is Stable, and everyone was in good shape, i dont think they needed to move us onto the field, while a hailstorm was coming, i got hit in the head, and so did My date, trying to rush back to the Stadium. Im sure they have plans, and To Nolan Ryan, All your staff are Polite. Just keep that in Mind, dont move people during a hailstorm, if they are in the Building.

My wife and four friends two of which are kids(a 4 year old and a 6 year old) who were terrified, often attend the games. Last night was an unbelievable experience. I do agree staff is very friendly, however, the evacuation to the tunnels was chaous!!
It put many fans in harms way! Fans should have at least a modicum of expectation of safety. My son, (who is an engineer) was on the phone giving us the info. from the National weather service during this time and told us to take cover! I am a veteran of three directly involved Tornado Survivals and last night was shocked at the ignoring of the warning sirens sounded the first time! Ask a head usher what the evacuation plan was and the response was "haven't heard anything and we are the last to know". It was only after the second sounding of the sirens that they evacuated the stands to the tunnel, we never made it off the field. They took us from our dry seats under the overhang on field level and led us out onto the field in right field to enter a gate to the tunnel in pouring rain and small hail. When we reached the gate we were turned away by staff and told to go back the way we came. It was in that instant when the hail tuned to golfball size and we were hit repeadedly in the head. I was a little concerned at that point for our safety, not so much for me as for the childern! I shutter to think what would of happened at the Ball Park if it would have taken a direct hit at that moment. I would ask and hope that The Ball Park would plan for this much better in the future, insuring it does not happen again!!!! This is only part of the story!

The quality of life and security for the citizens has been largely restored and we are a large part of why that has happened.

wow this will not let me on the video it is so slow

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