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June 25, 2011

Here's a breakdown of the Rangers' Josh Hamilton's day

His 0 for 4 day with four strikeouts dropped him to 6 for 53 (.113) in day games with 21 strikeouts.

In his four at-bats, Hamilton saw 17 pitches. Of the 17, eight were swinging strikes, four were foul balls, three were balls, one was a called strike and one was a foul tip.

All four at-bats ended with the same result, a swinging strikeout.

Hamilton had one three pitch at-bat, one four pitch at-bat and two five pitch at-bats.

- Anthony Andro


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take him out. He had a good year last year, but he obviously doesn't have it now, or isn't too concerned about it.
Or play him only at night. Why is he the only one getting a "pass" at strike outs because he supposedly can't see during the day? How many other baseball players have blue eyes? He has a great story and I'm glad he's sober, but he is NOT a great player now.

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