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June 15, 2011

Highlights from Ron Washington's Sirius XM interview

Washington was on SiriusXM/MLB Network Radio talk show, “Ripken Baseball,” hosts Cal Ripken Jr. and Billy Ripken Wednesday.

Here are some of the highlights.

On whether or not there was a carryover from last night's 12-4 loss to New York?

"Hell no."

Message he gives on playing in New York.

"The main thing you say it is a game. That's the main thing I impress on the team."

On pulling Elvis Andrus.

"You have to pick and choose when you do it. When I did it, I did it because the message needed to be sent to everyone. If it's just a message that needs to be sent to just the person, that's different. I needed the message to be sent to everyone that this is unacceptable. When the message has to be sent to everyone, I'm embarrassed. He embarrassed me by the way he went about what he did. He embarrassed everyone that day that wears a Texas Rangers uniform besides himself."

On in-game managing

"We're making calls according to feel, especially when it comes to hit and runs and all that type of stuff. I do that on feel. I grew up on that type of game. That's the type of game I like to play. To me, sometimes when you try to treat the game right, the sky opens up for you. So far, it's been opening up for me."


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