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June 19, 2011

Ogando, Torrealba treated for dehydration

ATLANTA — The starting battery for the Texas Rangers were both given intravenous fluids Sunday afternoon after the 4-2 loss to Atlanta in steamy conditions at Turner Field.

Torrealba was removed from the game in the fourth inning. He committed two errors and allowed a wild pitch in Atlanta’s three-run third inning. Two of the runs were unearned as a result of the miscues — for catcher’s interference and a popup that fell after he bumped into first baseman Michael Young.

Ogando pitched five innings, logging 104 pitches. He also had a single in the second and was forced to run the bases. But he had two lengthy innings early, throwing 25 pitches in the second and 35 in the third.

Torrealba should be available tonight as the Rangers return home to face Houston, and Ogando is expected to make his next start Saturday.

“It was warm, but both teams had to play in it,” manager Ron Washington said.
-- Jeff Wilson


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Fatigue and over heating are ongoing problems while playing summer time baseball. Ogando and Torrealba suffered through a long 3rd inning. In my many years of playing and watching baseball I have never seen this happen, but what would prevent a pitching coach while making a visit to the mound give his pitcher and or catcher a bottle of water while he makes his visit? I can not find a rule covering this action, but there must be one or someone smarter than me would have already thought of it and it would be a common practice. Can someone out there help me out on why this does not happen?

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