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July 30, 2011

Chris Davis, Tommy Hunter react to trade

Chris Davis has been saying since spring training that he would likely need to go to another team to realize his goal of playing every day in the major leagues, and he was never opposed to a trade. That was the case Saturday after he learned he had been dealt along with Tommy Hunter to Baltimore for set-up man Koji Uehara.

Davis handled the situation with class, thanking general manager Jon Daniels and manager Ron Washington for the chance to play with the team he grew up watching on TV.

"I went up and talked to Wash and JD and told them that I was very grateful for the opportunity they gave me to fulfill a dream of playing in the major leagues and to do it for the team I grew up watching," said Davis, a Longview native who was the Rangers’ fifth-round pick in 2006. "This is probably the best thing for me now, to go to an organization that has a need for me. I'm going to miss this clubhouse, but I think it's really exciting to go to another organization and be a guy they're excited about."

Hunter said that he was surprised that he was in the deal and admitted that he wasn't sure how things would play out because being traded is a new experience for him. But he's also eager to see how he will fit in Baltimore's overhaul.

"It definitely catches you off-guard," he said. "You've got to hope everything works out for the best. It's business. It's something you just accept."

-- Jeff Wilson



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Who is going to play third base in the absence of Davis? He will be missed because of his versatility. His absence will create a bigger hole than that being filled by Uehara.

I think the bigger picture is being overlooked. I think it is an incredibly dangerous mindset the Rangers are developing with their "Win Now" mentality, we are not the Yankees, and we don't have a bottomless pit of cash to replenish our roster. Granted, the Cliff Lee deal was a necessity at the time, this Uehara deal was not. Since Tommy Hunter's return from the DL he has been spectacular as a long man/set up man out of the bullpen. Not to mention, CJ Wilson is owed a large contract next season and is no guarentee to return to our rotation. I think it was irresponsible to deal from a position of rare strength the Rangers had (starting pitching). Losing Chris Davis, while a risk, had to happen, we had no where for him to play. Unfortunately, to me, this trade wreaks of the Adrian Gonzalez/Chris Young for Adam Eaton trade. I'm not saying Chris Davis will be the next Adrian Gonzalez, but if you look at their stats, CD's were actually better over the course of their first two cumulative seasons, which could lead you to believe that CD is on the cusp of breaking out, just in time for us to trade him for the next Adam Eaton...

Jon, you have to deal from areas of strength to make your team better. It would be foolish for the Rangers not to. Tommy Hunter is, at best, an innings eater who will post a 4.00 to 4.50 ERA. We have such an abundance of talent in the system that replacing what Hunter would give you over the next few years should be easy. Perez, Erlin, Ross, Wieland, Buckel, Ramirez, Scheppers, Grimm... the Rangers have some sick depth and using a little bit of it to go get a needed piece while the championship window is still open is a good move.

Hunter HAS NOT been spectacular since his return, that's ridiculous (I was personally in Anaheim a week ago when Holland and HUNTER blew that lead). They just gave up spare parts on their roster for a big need on the current major league squad and gave up none of their top pitching prospects to make it happen, in conjunction with 2 mil in cash to cover part of the guy's salary next season. This is a very strong trade, one that makes the BP a little stronger..I, however, disagree with JD's assertion that this is enough and I hope that something else is out there....and the Yanks can have Bell, I'm hoping it's another surprise, cause this one certainly was as I never once saw the Rangers attached to this guy.

As to who is going to play 3rd today, Probably Young, but Blanco is set to be activated prior to the game..it's covered. This management knows what it's doing, stop questioning.

Adam Eaton was a starter, Koji is BP, you are comparing apples to oranges...for his job, this guy has been excellent in 2 years of work facing AL EAST offenses on a consistant basis, he will help more that anything Hunter would have done going forward.

jon, you can scratch two off of that list now

It doesn't matter about the trades. The starting pitchers are breaking down. They will need more long relievers then short ones. A good hitting couch will get Davis going by shortening his swing. Tommy needs to stay healthy he will be great for who ever he pitches for.

HEAT... and I'm not talking fastballs... is rearing it's ugly head as the culprit for the downturn in the effectiveness of the starters, except at this moment for Derek Holland. The heat is only going to get HOTTER here in Texas. I can't image it was a good idea to loose starting pitchers and Hunter could easily have filled in a pinch.

A Great short relieve trifecta is of little use when your starters are consistantly giving up 6-7 runs before the 8th inning.

This could easily come back to bite this team in the backside.

I too think that Chris Davis may very well be a reincarnation of the Adrian Gonzales deal.

I also think that trading Beavan was a mistake, the Rangers give up on way too many young arms instead of fully developing them.

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