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July 30, 2011

Davis, Hunter traded by Rangers for Baltimore's Uehara

The Rangers have finally struck a deal as the non-waiver trade deadline approaches, shipping infielder Chris Davis and right-hander Tommy Hunter to Baltimore for right-handed set-up reliever Koji Uehara.

A source confirmed the deal, which also includes $2 million coming from the Orioles with Uehara, but said the final details probably won't be ironed out until later tonight. Davis said via text message that he has not been told about a deal.

The Star-Telegram reported earlier today that the Rangers and Orioles had discussed a deal for Uehara, a 36-year-old in his third year in the United States after a career in Japan. Baltimore wanted Davis, who could be the solution at first base next year if Derrek Lee isn't re-signed. Davis could be an immediate plug-in if Lee is dealt to Pittsburgh before 3 p.m. Sunday, when the trade deadline passes.

Uehara entered Saturday with a 1.09 ERA over his past 30 appearances. He also saved 13 games last year for the Orioles in a trial run as closer before they settled on Kelly Gregg in the off-season.

Davis has been seeking a trade because he believes his path to an everyday big-league job is now blocked by Mitch Moreland and Michael Young. He hit 24 homers in 48 games for Triple A Round Rock and has been recalled multiple times this season as an injury replacement. He's currently on the Rangers roster because Adrian Beltre is on the disabled list.

Hunter missed the first three months of the season with a right groin injury. He had made the Rangers' rotation out in spring training, only to be injured the same day that the Rangers decided he would be their fourth starter. He started three games last year in the postseason.

His injury freed up an opening for Alexi Ogando, who is 10-5 and was selected to the American League All-Star team. Hunter has worked exclusively in the bullpen, including tossing 2 1/3 scoreless innings Friday in relief of Ogando.

Some in the organization entered the trading frenzy believing the Rangers needed two relievers. As such, the Rangers remain actively engaged in talks with San Diego for closer Heath Bell. The Padres, though, have informed teams that they will take their time in evaluating all offers, and might not strike on a deal they like until just before the deadline.

-- Jeff Wilson


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Tommy Hunter will come back to haunt the Rangers. Good luck Chris you deserve better and think you will flourish if you can get to the NL.

This is a 'feces' deal.

Tommy Hunter will haunt no one. He's been given every opportunity in this organization, both as a starter and reliever. He can't stay healthy and will never be above a #5 starter. Combine that with routinely facing Boston, New York, and Tampa, and you're looking at a tough, journeyman's career. Davis got burned by 88mph fastballs all week and with Moreland and Beltre producing on the corners, wouldn't have seen the field in the next 5 years anyway.
Just because you have boy crushes on guys doesn't mean this is a 'feces' deal, mmurphf.

the problem is other teams would have crushes to an extent on these guys two. trading them for a 36 year old reliever (no matter how great his number indicate he is) is a crappy WAY overpaid deal. could have had Heath Bell for this. probably could have started a discussion on Ubaldo with some additional pieces.
hell last year Smoak, Bevean (Hunter clone) and two nobodies got Cliff Lee. this year Hunter himself, Davis (ain't much different than Smoak) got us...a 36 yera old reliever who ain't evena closer??

i don't think that much of Hunter. Davis was a more valuable chip to other teams. bottom line, we got nowhere near what we could have for the both. boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo reminds me of the nothing we got for Soriano in JD's first deal.

If you think SD would trade Bell for Hunter and Davis you are too stupid to own a computer. Please return it! We traded two non factors for a key bullpen piece and will probably add another before the deadline. This is a great move...

Swami - please explain how Beaven and Hunter are clones? I would love to hear your logic.
Like Scott said, we lost no prospects in this deal. There's no way we get Bell from SD without moving some blue chips. SD also will not send over money to help pay in '12.
And Davis isn't much different than Smoak?! Are you serious, man?? Smoak has already established himself as a solid defensive first baseman and fully capable of hitting for power and average in this league. Davis has proven nothing in repeated call-ups. As I said earlier, Moreland and Beltre own the corners for the foreseeable future - Davis was expendable. Who gives a crap what happens to Hunter and Davis if the Rangers win the series this year? That's why you play the trading game - it might just pay off.
Furthermore, if you think this deal is foul, you clearly have no knowledge of the crop of prospects developing in the minors, many of whom, including Martin Perez, you'll likely see later this year. The Rangers can deal Hunter because there are 10 guys better than him in the minors, and they can deal Davis because he's not going to see the field anyway when Beltre heals.
Again, I use the man crush phrase. Rangers fans love their good ol' boys, and Davis and Hunter fit that mold. You gotta see the bigger picture here, people. JD is filling the team's most glaring hole - the setup man. Today, the Rangers got better and you're complaining about it. You are not a fan. You're a groupie.

you are high as a kite if you think a pitcher who many teams have rated as a #3 (and who was one most of last year for a divisional winner) and is only 25-26 years old is worth nothing more than a 36 year old reliever for half a year. let alone tossing in a guy who tears up the minors and could explode at any time just like Smoak. if someone like you were the GM, we'd have never kept another late bloomer tore-up-minors like Nellie Cruz around either.

i like Uehara, don't get me wrong, but this price was miles too much for that guy. if you think Smoak and Bevean which netted Cliff Lee are that much better than Davis and Hunter, you are the one who needs to have yo head examined. and it's safe to say Lee is just a hair better than an 8th inning mopup guy.

good acquisition, too bad we paid $5 on the dollar for Uehara.

"8th inning mopup guy"????? Ok. Sometimes it's just not worth the effort.....

Guys just to throw this in here, but Davis and Hunter were human, and deserved an opportunity that they were not likely getting here, and this did just clear a spot on the 40 man roster. I promise you with the minor league talent we have, that is almost as valuable as a player. By the way, if the 8th inning is mop up, then we need a mop. And if you have watched every game we haven't had a guy all year for what is a critical role that will have repercussions for the 7th and 6th innings as well.

What The Swami and Murphy are saying is that we could have gotten a lot younger, almost as good, setup man who would be around for alot longer and be more productive than the Old Man River we did get. Now unless the Rangers are just stacked with potential world-beaters in our minor league system, and Old Man River will stick around to help coach them through a Japanese-to-english translator after this year, I also don't see the logic of this trade. Maybe it's an ok deal short term if old man river doesn't start breaking down physically in the playoffs, but, not long term. Weren't there any younger, better setup relievers out there that could've been had for the same Davis/Hunter price?

Please explain why you want younger relievers?? This is not a team building for the future, and even if it was getting a bunch of young BP guys isn't how you do it. BP's get pieced together every year with whats available. This team is trying to win the WS this year, and they just added statistically one of the best RP's in the league. There are literally dozens of arms in our system that will be fighting for a spot on this team in the next 2 yrs. Don't worry about the future.... It's covered.

Some of you don't seem to realize that Uehara is signed through next year at what amounts to $2m with the money Baltimore is kicking in. There is no reason he shouldn't be expected to keep up his current production through that time.

John, if the Rangers wanted a younger reliever who was controllable for several years (like Andrew Bailey), they were going to have to be prepared to part with a significant chunk of the farm (think Perez/Profar and Wieland/Ross, and even that might not be enough for the A's). You act like Davis and Hunter have enough value to fetch a good bullpen piece that is controllable for several years. I'm sorry, but you need to come back to reality.

scs, you need to "come back to reality". If this Uehara breaks down physically in the playoffs you are going to have to eat crow on your view of this trade. There are plenty of non-playoff teams out there that need the youth and talents of Davis/Hunter at their respective positions that have good (younger) setup BP arms to trade. IF, and I mean IF, Uehara pitches 1.09 ERA/2-5 saves in the playoffs and WS and we win the Pennant, then dynamite trade. IF he goes 5.XX or higher ERA, gives up 2-7 homers, with NO saves in the playoffs, and no WS-- then BAD trade. That's all I'm sayin' dipstick.

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