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July 31, 2011

Mike Adams talks about trade to Rangers

Thanks to the San Diego PR folks for audio on Mike Adams, who has been traded to the Rangers. Thanks also to Louie Horvath of mlb.com for transcribing the audio.

"I'm heading to Texas, obviously. It's quite a bit of a shock, the past couple of days with the way the trades had been going, I didn't think I was going anywhere. But things happen, and things happen fast. That's the baseball world. I'm excited about it."

"I came in this morning, honestly, expecting to be preparing to start being the closer. Obviously, that didn't happen. I'm still a little bit in shock about the whole situation. There are a lot of good people in the clubhouse that I'm going to miss.

You thought it would be Heath Bell? "Yeah, honestly, I did. All the talk was Heath going somewhere, for a reason. He's going to be a very hot commodity this offseason. I'm not sure if they're done dealing or not, but he's a great pitcher. A lot of teams could use him."

On his season: "It had become a little bit difficult to come to the park a little bit, because I hate losing. I hate to lose, some of the guys say `why are you frustrated? You're doing well, you're having a good season.' But I don't play for numbers. I play to win. The most important thing for me is to get to the playoffs and have a chance to go to the World Series. Going to Texas, obviously, I'm going to have that opportunity. Hopefully I can step in there and give them the extra little boost they need. The game doesn't change, it's still 60 feet, 6 inches. The hitters still are good hitters, so I'm excited about it.

Thoughts on Texas? "It's going to be hot. That's one thing I'm not prepared for. At the same time, I'm going back to Texas, back home and that should be a lot of fun. I'm excited about the opportunity to go over there and pitch in a pennant race. I've said it before, I play to win, this past month has been frustrating. 

"I have no idea what the situation is over there. My biggest concern is to go other there and put up some zeroes. Whatever inning they want me to pitch, it's going to be refreshing. I'm going into a totally different atmosphere. Over there in Texas, they're all about winning. From what I understand, they were asked for a lot to get me. I don't know, but if they put those prospects out there, they're serious. I'm kind of in-between right now. This evening I'll be alright, more excited about it, ready to go over there and win some ballgames.

"I was on the training table getting my treatment, and they told me I need to stop, and Buddy wanted to see me. My heart started beating pretty fast, and Buddy said we'll wait until Jay gets in here, but you've been traded. It's a little bit emotional.

"I don't know much about Ron, obviously. I hear that he's a winner. He cares about his team and he cares about winning. I know Mike Maddux from when I was in Milwaukee, so that will be good, getting back with Mike. The biggest thing about Texas is, they have Yorvit, and he was here last year. He knows how I like to work, and I think it will be an easy transition for me to go in there and work.

"If they want me to go in there and close, I'd be more than happy. From what I understand they have Feliz in there, who's done a really good job these past two years. I just want to go in there and contribute, and make that push to October, and have a very short offseason. That's my goal."



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Here is some video which I shot of Mike Adams in Houston. He is a good pitcher. He will help the Rangers out alot.


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