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July 11, 2011

Ron Washington wants AL team to play like Rangers

Going first-to-third on a single. Moving up a base on a ball in the dirt. That's what the Rangers have turned into their speciality, and that's what manager Ron Washington has told the American League All-Star team he wants to see Tuesday night.

"The way I put it, in a nutshell, was just to play baseball, unrestricted," Washington said before the Home Run Derby. "I'm just going to stay out of the way and let them produce runs."

Washington said there will be no signs given by third-base coach Dave Anderson, though Washington will have signs to Anderson. If Washington wants something, Anderson will just tell the hitter. That could be bunt. Washington said that he has told a few players that they might be called upon if a sacrifice is needed.

Washington said that he intends to let both of his Rangers pitchers on the staff start an inning, though he said the game will dictate that. Both C.J. Wilson and Alexi Ogando have a background as a reliever, so Washington might have to bring them in during an inning. He would prefer to use a reliever who can get warm quickly.

The most important thing to Washington besides winning is making sure all players leave town healthy. He has spoken with every team and will comply with their wishes regarding how their players are used. In many cases, that will mean that a pitcher will work only one inning.

-- Jeff Wilson




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