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July 07, 2011

Transcript of Rangers president Nolan Ryan talking about fan death

Here's the transcript from the brief press conference with Rangers team president Nolan Ryan talking about fan's death.

"A tragic accident tonight. One of our fans lost his life, reaching over the rail trying to get a ball. As an organization and as team members and as a staff, we are very heavy-hearted about this and our thoughts and prayers go out to the family. That’s where we are tonight, our thoughts are with them and in respect to the family we won’t have any other statement tonight. We don’t know what, as far as family members, are aware of what happened. In respect to that, we’re not going to give any further descriptions about the event tonight."

On Josh Hamilton: “We spoke to the ballclub, so they understood what had happened, and we spoke to Josh.”

“As any of us would be, Josh is very distraught over this as the entire team is.”

On process during this/ changing rails: “Tonight, we’re not prepared to speak on anything further than the accident and tragedy tonight, and that’s where I’ll leave it.”

Is President Bush (who was at game) aware of it? “Yes, he is aware of it. He was here tonight.”


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why does bush need to know?

They are always going to want to know how a public figure, like w, would react or comment on the accident....duh... Besides...he is the best prez ever ;)


Mr. Ozby, your comment is quite offensive to say the least. Please take into consideration that the family members and friends of Shannon may well see these blogs and similar articles. This is quite simply not the time or place for such tomfoolery.

@jdb, he was at the stadium watching the game. Its not that he has to be informed. The journalist meant to ask if he knew that the guy died. He died on his way to the hospital.

This is the THIRD person who has died or been injured from falling over the railing at Rangers Stadium. Nolan Ryan refuses to pay to have the railing height raised. How many more people need to fall or die before he is willing to pay to have the railings at a safe height?!?!

@Rebecca, while this was a tragic accident, let's keep things in perspective. Since the Ballpark opened in 1994, over 42 million people have attended Rangers games. Add to that the attendance at all the other events that have taken place there. Given those numbers, it is amazing that so few major injuries have occured. No matter how safe a public venue is built, there are going to be accidents that are no fault of the design. It is a fact of life. My heart goes out to the Stone family, especially little Cooper.


An unspeakably sad tragedy. Many prayers for the repose of the soul of Shannon Stone, his family (especially his son and wife), for Josh Hamilton and the Texas Rangers franchise. And also for the City of Brownwood, they lost a true hero. RIP Shannon. God bless you.

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