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November 16, 2011

Nolan Ryan meets the press at owners meetings

One of the largest media scrums of the week so far at the general managers/owners meetings here in Milwaukee was reserved for Rangers team president/CEO/minority owner Nolan Ryan, who arrived Wednesday evening.

He took questions on a number of topics, though not Yu Darvish from a large and persistent group of reporters from Japan.

Ryan also had his hand bandaged after having surgery Monday to remove skin cancer. He said that it was "sun damage from being a baseball player" and didn't seem the least bit worried about it. The cancer was not melanoma and was completely removed during the operation.

On the Astros' move to the American League in 2013: "I grew up an Astros fan, and I look at the Astros as a National League team. But I understand the desire to balance out the two leagues. Having them in our division, I like it."

On the possiblity of losing Mike Maddux as pitching coach: "If he were to get that job, we'd really miss him because he's done an awfully good job for us. He's been a big part of what we've accomplished."

On the possibility of re-signing C.J. Wilson: "I really don't know. We're just now starting having some conversations with his agent. I think they're going through the process. I think they'll try to establish what the market is, what the interest level is. How does that equate to us? I'm not sure.

"He's a big part of our team. The last two years and the number of innings he's given us and the job he's done, any ballclub would miss that if they lose it. Obviously, we have concerns if he goes somewhere else. Then we have to make those innings up. It's just not making innings up, they are also quality innings."

 On the possibility of Neftali Feliz going to the rotation: "We prepared him for the rotation last year, and he earned the right to be in the rotation. The fact that we didn't have a closer and he left such a void in our bullpen, we chose to put him back in the closer's role. To put him in the rotation again this year, we're going to have to fill that closer's role. How we fill that, I don't know yet."

-- Jeff Wilson



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