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November 10, 2011

Rangers stick with same broadcast teams for 2012

The Texas Rangers' broadcast teams for most of 2011 will remain in tact for the 2012 season.

Play-by-play announcer Dave Barnett and analyst Tom Grieve will be the TV team, and Eric Nadel and Steve Busby will be the radio team. Eleno Ornelas will return as the lead play-by-play announcer for Rangers Spanish radio broadcasts.

“We were very pleased with the response we received to our television and radio broadcasts last season,” Rangers CEO and president Nolan Ryan said in a statement. “Dave and Steve did a great job in their new roles, and we are happy to welcome both teams back.”

Barnett joined the Rangers' radio broadcast in 2009, and moved to the TV booth in May of 2011. Busby replaced Barnett on the radio broadcast.

It will be Greive's 18th season as TV analyst. Nadel, who is a finalist for the 2012 Ford C. Frick Award, will be entering his 34th season of broadcasting Rangers baseball. It'll be Ornelas' 13th season, his 10th as the lead play-by-play announcer.

-- Drew Davison


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Well, here comes another season of trying to watch on TV but listen to the radio audio. Dave Barnett's obsession with statistics, lack of focus on the game moment at hand, and utter lack of baseball sense is just intolerable. Ruins the event if I try to listen to him. Sorry, Tom, sayonara - you and I are the victims here.

read the comment about turning down the tv and listening to the radio...dude, is this your way of snifflin? so ya dont get to hear tom greive but you do get to hear eric nadel? what a spoiled little world you must live in. very few makets are so lucky to have two such monster guys in their respective jobs and the way the rangers have fed them up to us is like this....ya know what the real shame would be?? if they both were on the japanese speaking channel or something like that. NOW THAT WOULD BE A PROLBEM!
'cause I dont know about you but, I dont speak Japanese.

I think maybe there are contractual issues with Barnett. It's ashame we have to listen to this guy. Drew you got it right on Barnett.

Eric and TAG is what the fans want.

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