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December 07, 2011

Rangers out on Prince Fielder

The Rangers make it a point to consider all options for improving the team, and, yes, that included looking at free-agent first basemen this year. But Prince Fielder is not on the Rangers' radar, said three club officials.

Several reports have the Rangers actively pursuing Fielder, but the Rangers don't believe he fits in their budget. Even though the new ownership group has shown a willingness to spend, the Rangers' front office is still mindful of staying within a budget. With many players on the roster approaching free agency -- Josh Hamilton being a biggie -- signing Fielder would likely prevent the Rangers from keeping core players.

Nolan Ryan said that the Rangers are committed to Mitch Moreland and believe that he can still develop into a quality big-league first baseman. He's also an affordable option. Fielder is not, and the Rangers are not actively pursuing him.

-- Jeff Wilson



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Jeff, You tell the Rangers front office that a guy like Fielder or Pujols doesn't come around too often and it's foolish not to get one of them. Especially in a year in which all the big market clubs have their hands tied because they have a overpaid first baseman so the competition is low. If they want to win the World Series then they need to sign Fielder or Pujols and be short minded on the budget for once. This comes from a CEO so I know how to run a business. Sign Fielder now!!!!! Forget CJ.

Come on Rangers sign the guy and stop being so cheap and stubburn!!

i'd love to get either Pooholes or Fiddler. However, we seem to be in a new habit of letting our best pitcher go each year. for a team that struggled to do ANYTHING for nearly 40 years due almost exclusively to bad pitching, this trend disturbs me. Feliz isn't gonna be able to toss 200 innings, we'll be lucky to get 150. even if he makes a smooth transition to starter (unlikely), that is not enough to get us thru the season inning-wise, let alone postseason. that leaves a lot of prayers on guys with average stuff and a still-maturing Holland who I do like.

at some point you have to make a stand and go get the pitcher you want and keep him. first excuse last year, we want to grow our own. made no sense, but we let Lee go accordingly. then we didn't have the pitching to beat a bad Cardinals team as a result. now we DO have one we grew from home (CJ) and we're gonna let him go, too. each year it is a different excuse. turrible.

This is a must do deal. Nolan and JD know this. Make it so.

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