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December 08, 2011

Wilson decision expected on final day of winter meetings

The Rule 5 draft is minutes away, which means the winter meetings are almost over. All that's left to be done after that, apparently, is for C.J. Wilson to make his decision.

The Rangers, who have been deemed out of the running though not told so, would rather see Wilson sign with Miami than Anaheim. If he isn't going to re-sign with them, at least get him out of the American League -- even if the draft-pick compensation isn't as good.

The Rangers haven't been paralyzed by the Wilson decision. They have met with Scott Boras, agent to Michael Gonzalez and, on a much grander scale, Prince Fielder. Both players were discussed during the Wednesday meeting.

Gonzalez is the far more likely signing. Fielder, as Nolan Ryan said, doesn't fit the Rangers' budget.

Yu Darvish might not either, because of the posting system that requires teams to bid for the right to negotiate a contract. The total dollars could hit $100 million for Darvish, if everything follows Daisuke Matsuzaka's entry into the major leagues. The Matsuzaka flame out, though, could lead teams to be cautious, but Darvish's status as a better prospect could make teams run wild.

Many Rangers executives, including general manager Jon Daniels, have put their eyes on Darvish. Yet, on Wednesday, Daniels almost acted like he'd never heard of him.

"What I know you know because it's off Twitter," Daniels responded when asked if the Darvish picture had become any clearer. It had by bed time, when it was reported that Darvish would be posted by the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters. That's Yoshinori Tateyama's team, and, yes, Darvish and Tateyama are buddies.

As the Wilson drama comes to an expected end today, perhaps a Darvish drama will begin.

-- Jeff Wilson


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adios AL West. not only you let CJ go to divisional rival, but for only 5 years and 75mil? that's nothing today. and they just signed Pooholes, eliminating the one thing they couldn't do (hit). so for the second year in a row, Texas loses a staff ace for nothing. only this time our rival got immeasureably better at the same time. couldn't be more displeased with management. we get pitching, HOLD ONTO IT! it costs money! !#@$^%!$#@%!$#%@ i guess when the cycle spins back around in 30 more years of pitching futility the next generation can try again to learn the lessons we apparently have not today. wait so long to get pitching and then don't keep it. twice. just brutal.

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