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January 16, 2012

Josh Hamilton's father-in-law backs out

Michael Dean Chadwick has reconsidered being the accountability partner to son-in-law Josh Hamilton because of family considerations. Hamilton said over the weekend that Chadwick, who lives in North Carolina, has a daughter who is finishing up high school.

The Rangers and Hamilton are now reconsidering who would be a good candidate to spend time with Hamilton on the road and help him with his daily battle with additions to drugs and alcohol.

Hamilton also said on Saturday that he doesn't believe he needs to have someone with him, and approved Chadwick to help give the Rangers and MLB peace of mind. Hamilton is in a different place than he was four years ago, when the Rangers traded for him and brought aboard Johnny Narron in that role. Narron has left to be the Brewers' hitting coach, and Chadwick was announced as his replacement less than two weeks ago.

General manager Jon Daniels said that the Rangers expect to fill the Narron/Chadwick vacancy.

-- Jeff Wilson


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You can always have Prince Fielder do it.

Family members don't get paid to watch other family members in my book. I am sure his father-in-law is a "christian". He should have never agreed to do it in the first place, at least for money. He should have wanted to help to keep his daughter's husband on the straight and narrow. The world is getting more strange every day.

It is my experience that when an addict says I got this beat and I don't need help, that they are closer to using....

I agree with you Brad, I think the position needs to be filled. I'll do it.

I won't bash Josh, as this guy has been through a lot and hasn't taken a trip to the hospital basement. But this "I am Second" nonsense? Come on, let's get real here: If he's really kicked all the substance abuse and turned his life over to a "higher power," why would he ever need someone to babysit him while he's on his own? I'm with Brad, and expect that Josh is in denial about the real depth of his problem.

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