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January 12, 2012

Nolan Ryan expects Yu Darvish will sign with Rangers

Team president Nolan Ryan, on a day that started in Phoenix at the owners meetings and ended in Arlington at the Dr Pepper Awards Show, said that he expects the Rangers will sign Japanese right-hander Yu Darvish by the 4 p.m. Wednesday deadline.

"My expectations are that we'll get something done," Ryan said. "It's a process. During the period that we negotiate with someone we really don't talk about it, but I'm optimistic we'll get something done."

Ryan is also anticipating that the negotiations will go down to the wire because "that's the nature of these things," he said. "We'll just have to see how it works."

Ryan had the opportunity to meet Darvish and spend time with him during his visit to the area last week. Darvish made a favorable impression on Ryan, the Hall of Fame pitcher, as has video Ryan has seen.

"He was bigger than I thought," Ryan said. "He's built like a pitcher. He looks good. He understands a lot of English. I just liked his attitude about wanting to compete. He represented what I'd been led to believe, so I felt really good about it.

"He has a feel for the breaking ball and has a good fastball. His feel for being able to do something with the baseball is really encouraging."

One procedure that can slow down negotiations has already been cleared. Darvish submitted to a physical with Rangers doctors and trainers during his visit, according to two baseball sources, and passed the examination.

-- Jeff Wilson


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No disrespect Nolan but why didn't you take that 50 million odd dollars you blew for the rights to sign Darvish and pay for two or three other good known quality pitchers? Best case scenario is Darvish is a fantastic pitcher. Worst case is he's a 100 million dollar bust because that's about what he's going to wind up costing the Rangers. 50 million for the signing rights and probably another 40-50 million to sign him to a contract. Lets face it. You could sign a whole staff of good pitchers for a 100 million.

John Q I don't know what rock you have been under but $100M doesn't go very far these days for pitching. CJ Wilson got $76M from the Angels and he's at best a #2 starter. You might get a good STARTING pitching staff from a budget of $100M a YEAR not $100M total spend. For example the Yankees have two pitchers making over $20M per year on thier staff. Now add in the other 3 starters and some bullpen parts and an ace closer and you blow $100M really quick.

John Q, name three "good known quality pitchers" that are on the market.

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