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January 19, 2012

Prince Fielder not completely off Rangers' radar

The Rangers haven't ruled out signing free-agent first baseman Prince Fielder, according to two major-league sources, but they need agent Scott Boras to yield some from high contract demands and be willing to get creative in structuring a deal.

So far, beginning with a face-to-face meeting last week, Boras has given no indication that Fielder will be had for any less. Even with an influx of cash due in 2015 when a new TV contract kicks in and the ability to backload a deal, the Rangers need the Fielder price tag to come down.

The Rangers believe that Fielder wants to join them, and hope that his desire to play for a winner will lead him to sign for less money. If he is signed, though, it would likely cut into Mike Napoli's at-bats, and could lead to the Rangers dealing Mitch Moreland and being unable to keep Josh Hamilton.

Hamilton can become a free agent after the season and has said that he is open to talking about an extension until spring training begins.

-- Jeff Wilson


Trade Michael Young. That would cut $16 million a yr from the payroll. Sign Prince for say 7 yrs $140 million? Sign Josh after the season to keep him motivated, clean and to get a better feel for his longevity.

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