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January 10, 2012

Rangers announce individual ticket prices, game times

Individual tickets for 2012 games at Rangers Ballpark will go on sale at 9 a.m. March 3, and fans will be paying more to watch the two-time American League champions. Once again, a lottery will be held to purchase seats for Opening Day, though beginning Monday fans can purchase 10-game plans that include Opening Day seats.

According to the Rangers, advance ticket prices for non-premier and premier games will remain the same or increase at $2 or less on 49.5 percent of the seats. The other 50.5 percent, though, are going up $4 to $10 for non-premier games and $4 to $11 for Premier games. They are mostly lower-bowl tickets that were already high-priced. So, the Occupy Wall-Streeters ought to be happy.

Most night games will start at 7:05 p.m., 1:05 p.m. for weekday afternoon games and 2:05 p.m. for Sunday afternoon games. The Rangers' first three Sunday games will be part of ESPN Sunday Night Baseball and will start at 7:05 p.m. Five home Saturday games will be shown as part of the Fox Sports package, and the Rangers will play three more road games on Fox.

Cash parking will be $12 for most games, and $10 on Fireworks Fridays.

Rangers ticket prices for 2011 Prices increase $1 to $5 on game days.

Section 2011 price (premier price) 2012 price
Lexus Club Infield $72 ($81) $76 ($85)
Lower Infield $67 ($75) $71 ($79)
Lower Box $62 ($69) $66 ($74)
Club Box $58 ($65) $66 ($74)
All You Can Eat Porch $39 ($45) $47 ($53)
Corner Box $43 ($48) $53 ($59)
Lower Reserved $32 ($36) $34 ($38)
Club Terrace $26 ($29) $27 ($30)
Upper Box $19 ($22) $20 ($23)
Outfield Plaza (replaces bleachers) NA $27 ($30)
Upper Reserved $15 ($17) $16 ($18)
Grandstand Reserved $7 ($8) $7 ($8)


-- Jeff Wilson


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Wonder how much parking went up.

If the All You Can Eat Seats are going up to $47 a seat, i think i would be worth the while for the Rangers to move that section to the one below it, i mean if you are paying almost $50 dollars a ticket i think you should be appreciated enough to at least be out of the Texas Sun for the Day games, and the 1st hr or so of the night games. It's not like the Rangers are losing that much $$$ on the Food and Drinks in that section. If it were a better menu of options i could see where it might make a difference......
Just a thought!

Its already hard enough for the Rangers Fans that have stuck it out through hard times to get tickets now with all the Band Wagoners " i've been a fan for life " jumping on board finally!!!

Every game should be a premier game. This is the TEXAS RANGERS back to back World Series appearances. Take that yankees & Bozo sox!!!

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