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January 17, 2012

Rangers, four players exchange figures

The Rangers went 3 for 7 on Monday, signing three of their arbitration-eligible players ahead of the deadline to submit figures for 2012 contracts. Below is a look at what the other four submitted and what the Rangers submitted.

Elvis Andrus submits $3.6 million. Rangers submit at $2.65 million.

Nelson Cruz submits $7.5 million. Rangers submit at $5.5 million.

Matt Harrison submits $3.5 million. Rangers submit at $2.45 million.

Mike Napoli submits at $11.5 million. Rangers submit at $8.3 million.

Earlier Tuesday, Mark Lowe ($1.7 million), David Murphy ($3.625 million) and Mike Adams ($4.4 million) avoided arbitration.

-- Jeff Wilson


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Now if they hadn't wasted 111.7 million on this Darvish prospect they could resign Harrison, Cruz, Napoli, and Andrus at their asking price (all proven skill players) and have money left over.

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