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January 20, 2012

Rangers owner Bob Simpson on club's finances, Prince Fielder

Bob Simpson, who along with Ray Davis is a Rangers principal owner and co-chairman of the board, said that the Rangers are operating at a deficit and will until the new TV contract starts in 2015, but that doesn't automatically mean that Prince Fielder is not an option.

Owners are providing their own capital to finance various expenditures -- like the videoboard, the renovations in center field, buying out former CEO Chuck Greenberg and inheriting debt from the previous owner. This year, said Simpson, will be the toughest financially, but by 2015 the goal is to have a balancee budget.

The long-term goal of the ownership group is to increase the value of the franchise, and winning is a big part of that. Simpson said that Yu Darvish, who was introduced Friday, was the main off-season target. Fielder is not a viable option unless his price goes down and he would accept a backloaded deal.

"If they come around to something we can do, we'll take a look at it," Simpson said.

Simpson said that he had reservations about signing Darvish until a long presentation in Fort Worth by club officials. As an oilman, he wanted to make sure that the Rangers wouldn't be wildcatting with Darvish but instead would get production. The front-office said the investment was sound.

"I've got to support my guys," Simpson said.

-- Jeff Wilson


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