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January 20, 2012

Yu Darvish quotes from news conference

Clearly, Yu Darvish has plenty of experience handling the media. He gave a championship performance Friday night as he was introduced as the newest starting pitcher for the Texas Rangers.

On coming to the major leagues: "I have no worries. What I'm looking forward to is a different environment, a different league, different hitters. It's more fun looking forward to that. I'm full of excitement."

On his expectations for himself and those thrust upon him: "To do the best I can do and make my starts and do the best for the team. Regarding off-the-field things and pressure, it's something to try to not be too tight about. I'll have an open mind and be relaxed."

On adapting to the majors leagues from Japan: "I don't plan on making any drastic changes. I'll go through my training and my preparations that I've always done. I think that's what I should do. I plan on doing that from the start."

On handling the media: "In Japan, I from a place called Osaka. Ever since I was a child, baseball was my life. Every since then, I’ve received a lot of attention. I’m kind of used to it. It comes with my job.”

On the shirt he wore on his flight from Japan that appeared to have a marijuana leaf on it: "Anything that's a t-shirt with English words on it, we just tend to wear it. We don't actually know what it means, until my father just told me what it was. Until then, I really didn't have any clue on that."

On how he would have fared in Game 6 of the World Series when the Rangers needed one last strike: "If it was last year, I think I would have given up a home run and lost the game. This year, I'll make sure that won't happen."

-- Jeff Wilson


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