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February 24, 2012

Rangers photos: Friday in Surprise

Ron T. Ennis, Star-Telegram staff photographer, snapped the following shots from the Rangers' workout this morning. The captions are by Jeff Wilson.


Rangers Camp A
Josh Hamilton and a lighter Nelson Cruz take the field. Hamilton had just spoken to the media. Cruz was working out in Arizona for the first time.


Rangers Camp E
Josh Hamilton shared some lighter moments with the media during a press conference that was heavy on the good book and his recovery, but especially his contract.


Rangers Camp F
Fans trample each other in an attempt to get an autograph from Yu Darvish. It looks like a young boy is about to score Davish's signature.


Rangers Camp K
The most famous bunting drill in Rangers history became the prize photo back in Japan. These photographers earned their paycheck, shooting through a screened fence to capture Darvish.


Rangers Camp J
Not sure what Ian Kinsler was looking at here while resting against the batting cage. He was probably amused by the sight of the Japanese media taking photos through a screened fence.


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