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July 18, 2012

Josh Reddick apologizes for Roy Oswalt comments

A's right-fielder Josh Reddick, who supplied the A's with their only run Friday night with a solo shot to start the seventh inning, was backing away from his postgame comments in which he said Oswalt wasn't "very good."

Oswalt allowed three hits, including the Reddick homer, in 6 1/3 innings in what rates as his best start this season.

"It felt like we had a lot of swing-and-misses," Reddick said. "We had a pretty good go at him. We saw a lot of pitches early. Just bad swings in front of the ball. I don't feel like his stuff was very far out there."

The remarks raised some eyes in the Rangers' clubhouse Wednesday morning but no comments. Reddick took to Twitter to explain himself further.

"I wasn't bad mouthing Roy Oswalt. So please don't take it the wrong way," he wrote. "All I meant was we missed a lot of good pitches in good situations is all. Obviously Roy is a great pitcher and has been for years. My apologies."

-- Jeff Wilson


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