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August 03, 2012

Josh Hamilton not ready to divulge mystery issue

Josh Hamilton had a four-RBI night for the first time in more than a month, and is beginning to break out of what had been a two-month slump.

"Basically I just said, 'You know what?' Stop thinking about it, stop listening to everybody, everybody has something to say, and just go up there and play," Hamilton said. "React. Try to slow the game down again and it worked. It's just about trusting myself."

Hamilton said he is enjoying the game more the past few days, but wasn't ready to reveal the reasons behind his cryptic comments last week that have drawn wide-spread speculation as to what might be going on with the Rangers star slugger.

"People are not going to understand, I'll share more later," Hamilton said. "It's out there that my marriage is falling apart and people are trying to figure out what's going on. ... But it's nobody's business. When I let you know, I'll let you know."

The speculation began when Hamilton said the following:

"I've been shown a lot of things over the past week. There's disobedience and there's obedience to God. I've been being disobedient. It may be a small thing to you, but it's a big thing to him. There's consequences. It's like a father and a kid. There are disciplines. You guys can chew on that and think about it."

-- Drew Davison


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it's just his failed attempts to quit chewin tobacco. hard to lay 2 months of abject failure on that. but that's what it is.

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