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August 15, 2012

Ron Washington believes better days are ahead for Michael Young

Michael Young isn't in the lineup tonight, but manager Ron Washington said it wasn't performance-based.

Young, a career .302 hitter, has batted .269 with three home runs and 45 RBIs this season. He snapped an 0 for 12 streak on Tuesday with an eighth inning single.

"It's not Michael Young-like, but you know he brings more than just what the numbers say," Washington said. "There's no one more upset about what’s going on than Michael young. But I believe in him and I feel any minute it could happen."

Washington called it a down year for Young, and pointed that every player will go through one during their career.

"That’s the way I look at it," he said. "I’m a baseball player, even though I’m managing, I’m a baseball player. You can’t play this game where a year don’t come where things don’t go right. Babe Ruth had down years, Mickey Mantle had down years, everybody has down years. So that’s the way I look at it."

Young wasn't ready to say it's been a down season, though.

"The year is not over yet," Young said. "We've got the most important part of the season still to come. ... I feel for the rest of the season I'm going to be doing what I usually do, which is making hard contact as consistently as possible."

Young will return to the lineup on Thursday, as the Rangers wrap up a four-game series against the Yankees.

-- Drew Davison


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crackhead ron still living in a dime-bag infused dream. at this point it is pretty obvious Young is done as a major league hitter. you'd have to be delusional (or on his drugs) to think otherwise if you've watched him this season. can't reach anything on the outside of the plate. can't catch up to a fastball. can only either shank one down the right field line and pray it stays fair, or hit a slow GIDP roller to SS/2B. that's it. you could literally position the entire defense in those spots and retire him every time (provided he didn't strike out first of course).
i don't mind him being on team for leadership, but batting him high in lineup every day just turns him into a human rally buster. if you insist on playing him daily, bat him 8th or 9th!

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