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August 07, 2012

Roy Oswalt addresses Sunday's events

BOSTON – Roy Oswalt called in a non-story.

Oswalt clarified what went down on Sunday when he declined to pitch a third inning of relief in Kansas City, saying he had thrown approximately 200 pitches over a seven-day span.

Oswalt threw 96 pitches in his start Monday against the Angels and was then told to be ready for a possible start on Sunday. Therefore, he threw more than 50 pitches in a bullpen session Wednesday and was used for a 24-pitch relief outing on Thursday. He then threw 30 pitches on Sunday over two innings of relief and said he couldn't go any further.

“I think people are trying to make too much out of something that really was nothing to make anything out of,” Oswalt said. “We’re talking about throwing 200 pitches over a seven-day period and that’s the reason my outing got limited. I didn’t say I was quitting. Everything got out of whack by people assuming things.

“You ask anybody that got demoted if they like it and they’re not going to like it. I’m a starter, been one for 12 years, so that’s what I see myself as. Anybody that has done something they’ve been pretty good at for 12 years and then you put in another role, they’re not going to be real happy about it. But it’s not like I’m going down there and saying I’m not going to pitch. I’m not that type of person.”

Oswalt met with manager Ron Washington today and cleared the air about the situation.

Oswalt went on to say he hasn’t asked to be traded.

-- Drew Davison


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hmmmmm. Still seems a little butt hurt about not starting. Rather than stating that he'll step up and do what it takes to help the team, he goes on a tangent about not liking the bullpen role.

It appears some jock commentators have over-active hyperbolic disorder. Perhaps the bloggers should get their thyroid checked before making their emotional condition the real story. This story was over blown grom the git go.
Oswalt has been a respectable pro and team manno throughout his whole career. Journalists it woukd seem would check out whstboccurred to me, maybe the guy was tired. Its hot in Texas.
Dee Simpson

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