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September 20, 2012

Josh Hamilton, Adrian Beltre could play Thursday

Center fielder Josh Hamilton and third baseman Adrian Beltre said that they test their illnesses during batting practice to see if they can play Thursday after being left out of the original Rangers lineup.

Hamilton said that sinuses are indeed the reason he left Tuesday's game early and missed Wednesday. A sinus infection will cause knock his equilibrium out of whack, which then causes his vision to be impaired. Although it might last only a second or even a split second, that can be a critical amount of time when trying to track down a flyball or hit a pitch or duck away from a pitch.

Beltre said he is frustrated that no one seems to know what is causing his intestinal discomfort. Doctors have checked for just about everything, and he's due for more tests Friday morning. He will fly to Seattle later in the day, and the plan is for him to be at Safeco Field in time for the game.

Beltre couldn't really describe the pain, but it's somewhere between a cramp and a stabbing pain. It's worse after he eats, but he has been forcing food into his system to maintain his strength.

"It's just uncomfortable and painful," he said. "I guess it's nothing that will kill you."

-- Jeff Wilson




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