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December 05, 2012

Daniels confirms meeting with Hamilton's agent, but little else

Rangers general manager Jon Daniels' preferred style of business is to not put the Rangers' business out for public consumption, and that is perfectly fine. All those rumors out there this week at the winter meetings aren't coming from Rangers people.

The one area where Daniels does speak a little is on topics that involve Rangers free agents, so he confirmed that he met with Josh Hamilton's agent Tuesday night. Hamilton was not at the meeting as he had left town for his Westlake home.

The meeting, the first between Daniels and agent Mike Moye this week, produced no headway, though. Things remain as they were a month ago as Hamilton continues to try to get a feel for his market as a first-time free agent.

"We're in the same place," Daniels said. "It made sense to get together."

But that was about it. Daniels spoke in general terms about the difficulties of multi-team trades, but didn't say if the Rangers were involved in any. A major-league source, though, did, and they have talked with Arizona and Cleveland about a way to get Justin Upton. The Rangers have also talked with the Mets about a trade involving R.A. Dickey, but all Daniels would say is that the Rangers are looking to upgrade that starting rotation.

He also didn't address Michael Young's situation, though the Rangers have reached out to Young to get his feelings on a potential trade. There is a strong possibility that Young's playing time could be reduced in 2013, and there are teams who need a third baseman. But Daniels, who created a stir in 2010 when he shopped Young during the off-season, has been hesitant to speak about Young this week.

-- Jeff Wilson




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