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December 13, 2012

Jon Daniels talks to media again

General manager Jon Daniels had this to say during a 5 p.m. news conference that Drew Davison had the misfortune of attending because he lives closer to Rangers Ballpark than Jeff Wilson does. Daniels had about four hours to cool down after receiving the initial call that Josh Hamilton was signing a five-year deal with the Angels.

"I was able to react earlier when I found out about it at a media luncheon of all places. I was talking to some of your counterparts and got up and walked off and took the call.

"The bottom line is that Josh had a tremendous offer and opportunity to go to the Angels. He felt it was the right thing for him and his family and he made that decision. My disappointment stems more from the fact that there was a relationship over time. I thought we understood that we had a chance to at least have a conversation. This isn’t restricted free agency in the NFL where you get an offer sheet and a chance to match it. We never expected that. But we thought with the relationship that we’d have one more conversation before the fact and that didn’t happen. I wish him well. I wish him and his family well. We’re going to try to find ways to get him out, obviously. Great player. Great time here. We still like our club a lot, and we’re ready to move on.

"We like our team a lot. We’ve said that from Day 1. At the beginning of the off-season, we said this team was probably going to take on a different look in the sense that we have a good core and we wanted to mix in some young players. We’re excited about these guys. We think they’ve earned the opportunity. More importantly, I think they’ve earned the respect and trust in spring training and various points of the year of the Kinslers and Beltres and Murphys and Cruzes to play alongside them. We’ve never given anything to any of these guys, but we feel like they’ve earned it. We fully expect to be a very competitive club.

"You look at it either way. I’m excited about it. It’s youth. It’s energy. It’s guys that love to play the game and fit in with what we’re doing. Our defense will be outstanding, and it will support what is a young, power rotation. We’re going to continue to build a bullpen.

"We’ve lost some power. That much is clear. Josh and Napoli had 60-something home runs last year. That’s not something you can snap your fingers and get back. I think there are a number of guys on the team that you can reasonably expect more from that have communicated to us that they expect more from themselves. That combination with a young veteran group we have, with some of the young players coming and a strong rotation with young guys that still have upside.


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oh good. so we've had communications that some players expect to do better. that should solve ALL the problems.

it looks like from my armchair that texas was more fascinated about looking good by being involved in every single discussion going on at the Winter Meetings rather than actually doing ANYTHING.

this whole Hambone negotiation was flawed from the word go. what kind of impression does it set with the player when you tell him (if not in these exact words) 'oh, we still sort of want you, but you go do some legwork and find a deal and if we think it's not a ripoff we'll consider matching it, thanks.'

seemed pretty clear to me if I were Josh Hamilton that the Rangers were lukewarm at best to having me back. as such, if a team demonstrates that really wanted him (LAA with a huge offer) i'd have also given texas the finger and moved on my way right away with no match offer.

this is fool's gold if the rangers think because they've contended 3 years in a row that they can hide the loss of 60+ homers in Hambone and Napoli at two critical positions, and with a manager that is good for about 3 extra losses a year by bonehead decisions (that is generously low) now being forced to manage a LOT more tight games in 2013.

you reap what you sow. look for 85-88 wins max in 2013. and that's if the youngsters we are so ecstatic about (they are called PROSPECTS vs established/major league players for a reason!) actually play well so early in their careers.

even if Profar is the next greatest thing, we're not likely to see the polished result for 3 years. the Trout season is not the norm, JD!

Angels beware... Hamilton did promise the Rangers a chance to see the offer. The man has problems with judgment calls.

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