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December 05, 2012

Nolan Ryan says Rangers could add Hamilton and Greinke

Team president Nolan Ryan didn't rule out that the Rangers could sign Josh Hamilton and ack Greinke during a session with local beat writers Wednesday night.

The Rangers' current budget doesn't have that flexibility, but principal owners Bob Simpson and Ray Davis would get the final say on a Hamilton-and-Greinke scenario.

The Rangers met with Hamilton's agent, Mike Moye, on Tuesday night and have also met with Casey Close, Greinke’s agent. The Rangers are thought to be in the hunt with the two Los Angeles teams for the former Cy Young winner.

Boston and Seattle met with Hamilton before he headed back to his home in Westlake.

Each player would cost the Rangers more than $20 million per season.

"It comes down to ownership and what the opportunities are," Ryan said. "If you did have the opportunities to sign those guys, we'd have to look at our budget and look where we are. If we were to surpass that number, Ray and Bob would have to approve that. I wouldn't say there's not a chance."

-- Jeff Wilson


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