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April 06, 2013

Johnny Football, who might have been Johnny Baseball, hopes to throw a strike before Sunday's game

IRVING – Johnny Manziel has gotten to do a lot of special things since winning the Heisman Trophy. The Texas A&M quarterback will add another today when he throws out the first pitch before the rubber match between the Rangers and the Angels.

“It’s awesome,” Manziel said Saturday during the Elite 11 quarterbacks camp at Valley Ranch. “Being from the state of Texas, and the Rangers being so good these past couple of years, it’s big for me, and it really is an honor for me. It is going to be a really neat deal.”

Manziel has missed baseball since he gave it up after his junior season at Kerrville Tivy. He was a middle infielder who might have had a future in the sport.

“I miss it a lot,” Manziel said. “I get to A&M games now days and really wish I was playing. That’s how it goes. I always thought when I was kid growing up I’d be playing Major League Baseball one day. But I love doing what I’m doing now and happy with where I am for sure.”

Still, Manziel wants to show everyone what might have been today when he climbs onto the rubber.

“I need to warmup a little bit for sure,” Manziel said. “It’s been a while. Intramural softball or something was probably the last time I’ve thrown anything like that. It’ll be interesting. I don’t want to skip it. I don’t want to bounce it in. I want to throw something up there nice and let them know I could have been a baseball player.”

Manziel and his father, Paul, will play Colonial Country Club this morning before heading to the Ballpark in Arlington this evening. It continues a whirlwind of who, what, when and where for Manziel, who calls his new friendships with Drake and LeBron as highlights.   

"So many doors have opened," Manziel said. "I’ve met a lot of great people. That’s been one of the best parts of me. You get to meet a ton of people who you’ll be friends with for the rest of your life. I’ve been blessed."

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