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July 15, 2013

#Rangers Joe Nathan, Nelson Cruz and Yu Darvish at the All-Star Game

Three Rangers were given All-Star honors this year, and met with the media earlier today.

Here's a quick breakdown of how the sessions unfolded: One out of three questions -- at least -- directed at Joe Nathan regarded his return to New York; Nelson Cruz didn't shed much light on the on-going Biogenesis investigation but did reveal his music of choice; and Yu Darvish said he is feeling good and could pitch, if he was eligible to.

Below are a few notable quotes from the players.

Joe Nathan

On reason behind his strong first half: "Location. My stuff is not the same, I don’t throw as hard, but I think I’ve learned to move the ball around a lot. I'm working in a two-seamer more often, throwing my slider to both sides of the plate, commanding that pitch better than I ever have. Still have the same breaking ball, still have the saem curveball, but location. Strike one and keeping hitters guessing."

On being a six-time All-Star: It never gets old. Always an honor to be here, always an honor to get a chance to get to know and play with guys you don’t normally get a chance to."

On Mariano Rivera closing out a potential save situation: "I don’t think that’s even a question. It’s always been his inning in this game and he’s obviously very deserving of being here and hopefully we can get him the ball in the ninth and get him to close it out."

Nelson Cruz

On moving beyond Biogenesis scandal at some point: "That's my goal. I'm here to play baseball."

On if it's weighed on his mind: "No. I go out there every day and think about winning, so it's easy."

Anything he wants people to know about investigation? "I don’t know what to say. It is what it is. I come here to play every day and that’s my goal, that’s why I’m here at the All-Star Game. I did something good in the first half and I deserve to be here."

Yu Darvish

On how he feels: "I feel perfectly fine. I could pitch today."

On being a two-time All-Star: "I feel comfortable with this whole atmosphere of the All-Star Game. I feel like I’ve matured a little bit with the All-Star Game."

On how he's grown as a pitcher since his rookie season: "I don’t know if I’ve grown as a pitcher, but looking at the way people react to me, how they salute to me, how they greet me, I think I have a little bit more recognition than last year."

-- Drew Davison


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