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August 10, 2013

Rangers CEO Nolan Ryan doesn't anticipate any changes in long-term role

Nolan Ryan spoke to the media prior to tonight's game and addressed a variety of topics from his future with the team to the acquisitions of Matt Garza and Alex Rios.

Ryan said things have settled down in the front-office after he considered leaving the organization in spring training.

"I feel good about the ballclub and our focus has been on this season, so I think that's been good," Ryan said.

Asked about his future beyond this season with the team, Ryan said: "At this point in your life, where I am, you get through the season adn see how you feel about things. There's a lot of factors in play, but do I anticipate any changes? No."

Among other topics Ryan covered:

On state of the team: "It's an interesting ballclub. By the time you think, 'Man, we're upside down,' they come roaring back. I feel really good about where we are and what we've been able to accomplish."

With Rios and Garza, are the Rangers front-runners in the AL: "I wouldn’t want to say we’re front runners because you’re one injury away. As we well know, we’d like to think we’ve had the majority of our injuries behind us and hopefully we’ll stay healthy and finish this out. But I feel better about our ballclub today than I did a week ago, or prior to getting Matt in the trade."

On Garza: "He has a real feel for pitching. He has a lot of confidence with what his abilities are and with his delivery and how he approaches hitters. I'm confident he's going to hold up."

On signing Garza long-term: "It's hard to say. What you have to do is evaluate the club and the market so it's hard for me to speculate on that at this point in time."

On finding new president of business operations: "We're not going to go out and bring someone in. We're going to move forward with the existing executive team we have." 

-- Drew Davison


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