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September 28, 2013

Updated Rangers playoff scenarios

Texas is back in control of its own destiny with Tampa Bay losing the past two games. The Rangers and Rays are tied for the second wild card, and the Indians are currently the No. 1 seed as they're in the middle of a game against the Twins in Minnesota.

Here are the Rangers’ playoff possibilities and what it means. Here are the scenarios IF the Indians win today:

Tie with Rays for second wild card with Indians as No. 1 seed: The Rangers would host the Rays in a tiebreaking game Monday in Arlington. The winner of that game would play at the Indians on Wednesday in the one-game wild-card round.

Three-way tie between Rangers, Rays and Indians for wild-card berths: MLB has announced how this scenario would unfold. There were A, B and C designations for each teams, and the Indians had the first pick by having the highest winning percentage in games played between the three teams followed by the Rays and Rangers.

Cleveland chose the A designation, which means it will host Tampa Bay, which went the B route. The winner of that game is one of the wild-card teams. The loser would then travel to Texas to determine the other wild-card team in a game on Tuesday.

Home-field advantage in the wild-card game would be determined by season series. The Rangers would host a game against the Rays, and be on the road against the Indians.

Tie with Indians for wild-card berths: If the Rays and Indians lose Sunday, and the Rangers win, Texas and Cleveland would be the two wild cards. The Indians would get home-field advantage based on them winning the season series against the Rangers, 5-1.


Tie with Rays for wild-card berths: If the Rangers and Rays win Sunday, and the Indians lose, Texas would host the wild-card game for the second consecutive season. The Rangers won the season series against the Rays, 4-3.

Earn No. 1 seed outright: As unlikely as it seemed a week ago, the Rangers could be the No. 1 wild card team for the second consecutive season if they win and the Indians and Rays lose on Sunday. They would host the winner of a Rays-Indians tiebreaking game on Wednesday. The Rays and Indians game would be played Monday in Tampa Bay.

-- Drew Davison


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