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Book Report: Tina Fey's Bossypants Explains a Lot

Bossypants It is vitally important to claim to like something before it is popular, so it's crucial to note that I was a fan of Tina Fey before it became really cool to be a fan of Tina Fey.

At this moment, Tina Fey could touch dog poop and it would turn into a gold bar. Literally. Between her Saturday Night Live Weekend Updates, her Sarah Palin impression, Mean Girls and the best show on TV - 30 Rock - this woman is in a "can do no wrong" phase of her career. 

So it should be no surprise some publisher offered her a fat check to write a book, which she has in the New York Times bestselling memoir, Bossypants

If you're a Fey fan, this 275-page book features some fun personal stories about your youth, her time at the University of Virginia, her days at The Second City and SNL, the Palin impression, and to date at 30 Rock. It features her biting humor, observations and a lot of Fey-esque humor.

* "You could put a blonde wig on a water heater some dude would want to (make love to it)."

* "If you are a fancy lady and live in a fancy urban center like New York or Dallas-Fort Worth ..."

(I add this line only because if you live in cities other NYC, Miami, Chicago, D.C. or LA and someone famous mentions the city you live in or have lived in then you must applaud that your town is special, too.)

* "What I learned about 'bombing' as an improviser at Second City was that bombing was painful, but it doesn't kill you. No matter how badly an improv set goes, you will still be physically alive when it's over."

Images * "I feel about Photoshop the way some people feel about abortion. It is appalling and a tragic reflection on the moral decay of our society ... unless I need it, in which case, everybody be cool. Do I think Photoshop is being used excessively? Yes. I saw Madonna's Louis Vuitton ad and honestly, at first glance, I thought it was Gwen Stefani's baby."

* "When you watched Sanford and Son, you didn't want to have sex with everybody you saw, just Grady."

* "I became a carrageenan in America's news nuggets for several weeks. I was a cable news star, like a shark or a missing white child!"

* "I have friends who stay home with their kids and they also have a triannual sob, so I think we (working mothers) should call it even. I think we should be kind to one another about it. I think we should agree to blame the children."

The book is loaded with one liners, and stories that explain Fey.
This is a woman who clearly wants to see the double-standard and rampant sexism that exists in her industry decreased. This is a bright woman who is clearly hurt that she wasn't the "hot" girl growing up being idolized by male seekers, so she honed her considerable intelligence and wit as defensive mechanism.

What we have now is a pretty woman thriving in a male-dominated workforce and works within the sexist-paramaters that in order to be on screen in showbiz you have to be 25, blonde with big boobs.

Fey has set a different standard, and will be crusading for years to not only set an example and creating opportunities for women just like her.

The memoir genre is over-stuffed with books that should never have been written, by people who are far too average (Bethany Frankel - are you kidding?); Bossypants is not one of those. This is a good memoir.



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