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Cam Newton's JC Coach Was Contacted by 3 Teams: The Vikings, Panthers and ...

Bill Parcells always wanted to know one thing about a new quarterback - What's was the role of the dad? Dads of quarterbacks have a tendency to be ... involved. That's a nice way to say it. Even in the NFL, a dad can look very similar to the creepy soccer mom.

Cecil and Cam Newton Which brings us to Cecil Newton, father of Auburn QB Cam Newton. No QB dad in recent memory stirred the pot as much as Cecil Newton. 

I called Cam Newton's junior college coach, Brad Franchione, today to ask about the QB who led Blinn JC to a national title with Newton as the QB. After Newton left Florida after his freshman year he spent one year at Blinn JC and then went to Auburn. Two years ago Newton was at Blinn JC in Brenham, Texas leading Franchione's team. Brad Franchione is now a defensive asst. at Texas State on his dad, Dennis Franchione's, staff.

Mac Engel: How did you get Cam Newton to come to Blinn?
Brad Franchione: It was a long process and a lot of phone calls with Cecil, and a lot of questions that Cecil wanted answers to. It took time to develop a relationship before Cecil could trust me. At that point, it was a matter of giving Cam a 12-month plan to make him a better leader, a better quarterback and a better football player.

ME: Do you think Cecil leveraged his son to get money in the recruiting process when his son transferred from Blinn?
Brad Franchione: No. I don’t believe any of that. I don’t believe any of that. Cam is a highly recruited athlete and when you don’t get him I'm sure the story grows. It happens all the time. I don’t believe any of it and that’s probably because I have such a great relationship with his mother and father. It’s funny and sometimes it’s laughable. 

3.22.11BradFran ME: I heard when Cam was there he just played football and did very little else in Brenham; is that true?
Brad Franchione: Cam's whole goal when he was there was to win, and to get in a position to get back to the Division I level. He wasn't interested in finding out who he could trust. He was interested in Division I level and be a better quarterback. He was not the quarterback who was going to go out with his receivers and offensive line one night a week. He was going to go to his room, get his studies done, and maybe play video games.
The thing that he did that always impressed me was that he always did more than anybody else; workout, watch film. Or then he'd get his receivers and throw. His teammates were like business friends. That being said he had a couple of special friends on the team. 

ME: I know he helped you and the team re-paint the stands at the Blinn Stadium; did he ever 'big-time' you or anyone there?
Brad Franchione: I never felt that. Where I can see that be confusing is in the weight room or a drill or some competition outside of football he was very confident in his abilities. And he wanted to win. I can see where someone who doesn't know Cam as well as I did would say he is arrogant. He's not arrogant. He was confident.
He has a lot of self-talk to get ready to compete. He never once big timed me. He wanted the best of everything.

ME: Have any NFL teams called you and asked about Cam Newton in this pre-draft process?
Brad Franchione: I had three teams call me and ask questions. One was the Panthers, the other was the Vikings ... and the third ... I can't remember the third team.

ME: What did they ask?
Brad Franchione: What did they think of him as a person. These guys do their research. And when they do their research they'll see that this is a guy who every time he's made a transition all he did is win. If they do their homework they're going to realize we’ve heard about an investigation but I’ve heard no results. What are the results? It’s gone. If there is something to it why has there not been more said about it?
Every time he's in a huddle he gives his teammates that anything is possible. He makes average players above average and above average players great. 




I get the impression that the elite media don't want to like Cam so they look for reason not too..Bottomline.

If they did want to get to know him the world would see that this kid is real role-model. Maybe his mistakes and learnt from them but it's clear the media is looking to push the usual stereotypes to feed their own personal agenda.

Cam is human, maybe it's time for the media to start allowing him to be human.

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