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Cowboys 1st Rd Draft History Under Jerry With Jimmy and Bill Vs. Without

We are just a few hours from the NFL draft starting, and just a few hours from the Cowboys likely screwing up the No. 9 pick. I'm kidding. I hope. 

Jerry Jones is running the Cowboys' draft room this year, which usually isn't a good thing. For some reason a few of us have an idea that with Jason Garrett as the definite head coach maybe this time the direction will be a little different. As in there will be a direction this time.

This is what I know: Under Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells the Cowboys seemed to draft better. Overall.  With Jerry as The Man Making the Call, it feels more hit or miss. Below is the list of Cowboys' top draft picks with Jerry as the GM in charge.

Johnson.jimmy Jimmy and Jerry (My God, they never missed)
1989 Troy Aikman QB
1990 Emmitt Smith RB
1991 Kelvin Pritchet DT
1991 Alvin Harper WR
1991 Russell Maryland DT
1992 Robert Jones LB
1992 Kevin Smith CB
1993 No pick

Jerry and Barry Switzer (My God, how bad was this?)
1994 Shante Carver DE
1995 no pick
1996 no pick
1997 David LaFleur TE

Jerry and Chan Gailey (They passed on Randy Moss because they had to)
1998 Greg Ellis DE
1999 Ebenezer Ekuban DL

Jerry and Dave Campo (LOL)
2000 no pick
2001 no pick
2002 Roy Williams SS

Bill parcells Jerry and Bill Parcells (OK, which is what Bill's tenure here was)
2003 Terence Newman CB
2004 no pick
2005 Marcus Spears DL
2005 DeMarcus Ware OLB
2006 Bobby Carpenter LB 

Jerry and Wade Phillips (Probably better than what they have shown)
2007 Anthony Spencer LB
2008 Mike Jenkins CB
2008 Felix Jones CB
2009 no pick
2010 Dez Bryant WR




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