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Friday A.M. MacGriddle: Mavs Advance to Lose to Kobe; Kate Wore What?

Nowitzki 1. Mavs coach Rick Carlisle saved his job with his team defeating the Blazers on Thursday night/Friday morning in Portland. The Mavs really did try their best to blow this, Game 4 style, but held on. Dirk went off with 33 points. 
The Mavs were the better team than Portland but they did make it interesting.

2. It’s fashionable to say the Lakers are aging and there are some who believe Kobe is a problem (dude, you know who I am talking to), but they aren’t screwing around. They knocked off the Hornets last night, and a massive reason is the big dude in the middle. The Mavs/Lakers series starts Monday in LA.
The Kobes going to beat the Mavs to reach another West Finals, but they best be careful. The Thunder can beat them.

Kate-middleton-wears-alexander-mcqueen-wedding-gown-to-royal-wedding-2__oPt 2.5 Kate Middleton wore that? That seems a little over the top for a wedding.

3. Two Baylor players are first round picks and TCU has none? Different game, kids. TCU QB Andy Dalton was never a first rounder, ever. Dalton is still on the board. I have always pictured him as 10-year backup who makes a ton of cash, but never plays very much. Great college player. Great kid. 

4. Happy for A&M OLB Von Miller who was taken second overall in the NFL draft by the Broncos.. A very decent and pleasant young guy. He may still be crying in the "green room" after learning he was the second pick.

5. The Rangers finished a 10-game homestand with a 5-5 record. Not good enough. You can’t go 1-3 against the Blue Jays at home. Toronto sucks. Texas now starts 7-game road trip.
Too many ninth inning errors in a tie game will kinda hurt you, eventually.  

6. Thrilled for Cam Newton’s father, Cecil. Proof that if you have the right kid you too can make a lot of money. But you do have to wonder if Cecil is trying to work the Panthers against the Broncos already for more money.

7. If Meredith Viera really does leave The Today Show as is speculated the replacement talk will start immediately. Her replacement? One word – Snooki.

8. How does Missouri have two of the top 10 picks and not do anything more than finish second in the Big 12 North?

Jan 9. Mad Men star January Jones is pregnant! Regardless of what her reps tell you, I am not the father. 

10. Apparently Arnold wants to do another Terminator. Terminator 3 was bad enough, but if Ahnuld must do another re-boot of his previous action flicks he needs to do the following: Raw Deal. He personally kills every member of the Chicago mob in the film. 



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