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Peyton Hillis Is On the Cover of Madden? What The $#%&&^??!!!!

1299771365-peyton-hillis-facemask Wait, wait, wait ... did I read this right: It's between a fan voting of Peyton Hillis and Michael Vick for the cover of Madden '12?

Peyton Hillis is a finalist for the cover of Madden '12? Really? Seriously? WTH?

And Hillis won? !

We all should have no problem with Vick, even with his dog-adoring track record, as a finalist. We're talking bonafide NFL star here. Pro Bowl. Big time off-the-field issues. All of the necessary ingredients to make someone a sports icon in our society. A drug arrest would have helped.

But Peyton Hillis?  

First of all, he plays for the Browns, which are in Cleveland. There are no NFL stars in Cleveland. Not once since Reggie Langhorn (great name) or Jim Brown. I'd rather see Jim Brown on the cover of Madden '12.

Last season for the Browns, Hillis rushed for 1,177 yards and scored a total of 13 TDs. Hello, Canton.

Seriously, this smacks of ... what is the nice way to say this? ... uhh ... cough, cough ... ahem ... maybe because Peyton Hillis is white?



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