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The Colby Lewis Baby-Gate Says More About Us Than Colby Lewis

Colby-Lewis It was 10 years ago we all collectively proclaimed that we are different this time. The influx of 9/11 perspective taught us all to really slow down, and to appreciate everything. Not to work so hard and so much that we miss "the important things." Not sure how long this lesson lasted but it's clear that most of us have forgotten it ... if we ever really did care to learn it.

The whole Colby Lewis baby-gate situation confirms that such lessons, even inspired by something as tragic as 9/11, never seems to last too long. Before long we're all back on the track, chasing the rabbit we are never going to catch.

I know of no one that if their boss told them to take the day off to attend the birth of a son or daughter who would say, "Nope; rather work." If that is the standard, Colby Lewis did the wrong thing by skipping his start to attend the birth of his daughter recently. That's what we should all do. In the "old days" men who would work rather than attend the delivery. Just because something was done 50 years ago doesn't mean it was right.

"I think it was something to write about," Lewis told me on Tuesday. "It was a new rule put in place and I happened to be the first guy."

Would he do it again?

"Absolutely," he said.

He should. Who cares if it's a baseball game and he's an over-paid pro athlete? Good for him. He made it through a viscious system to play major league ball and he is where he is. That does not mean he should have to abandon his chance to see his daughter born.

"I don't care if I make $100 million a day, I would want to be there," he said. "I want to be there as much as I can. We're not around them a lot when they are this age anyway so if the team is going to allow me to take a couple of days off to be there for the birth of my child I'm going to do it. ... The big thing is when it gets personal. People don't know the whole story. Not everybody knows we had a baby the first time and we lost it. We lost the second one. We didn't know we were going to do it again and she happened to get pregnant. We were talking about not having one, and it just so happens she gives birth in the middle of April."

Would he take the same approach if it had been a playoff game? Or even a very meaningful game in September?

"I would ask (the doctors) to see if we could wait or if there is some way around it," he said.

Probably the right answer.

It's a baseball game, and the players are massively overpaid. This does not perclude them from the rights the rest of should share, which is the ability to see a son or daughter born.




Mike Engel

You are spot on about Kate Middleton winning the lottery. From the looks of the picture you posted, it doesn't look like her husband is getting treated too badly in the deal.

Love the videos.


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