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Tommy Tuberville Inspired White House To Produce Obama Birth Certificate

769443 Texas Tech Red Raiders coach Tommy Tuberville may be too afraid to play TCU, but give him this: The man knows his fan base.

On Tuesday, there was even more proof that there is far too much TV programming that has to be filled when conservative talk show host Sean Hannity had Tuberville on his Fox news show. 
Tuberville was on with Hannity as part of the "Great American Panel".

I can't find the common link, but there Tuberville was with former Maryland Gov. Robert Ehrlich and Fox News legal analyst Tamara Holder talking about Obama, and what else is wrong with this country. 

This really takes the recruiting angle to a "the next level". How long before UT coach Mack Brown appears on Rush, or Aggies coach Mike Sherman talks politics while making bacon and eggs with with Rachel Ray?

Tuberville went for the can't-miss grand slam when he said: "We’ve got enough controversy going on in this country. I don’t know why he wouldn’t just step up and say, ‘Here (the birth certificate) is.’ Obviously, there’s got to be something on there he doesn’t want anybody to Barack-Obama-There-Might-Be-Chances-of-Further-Offshore-Drilling-Campaigns.jpg see.” 


The very next day - today - under what is obviously fierce pressure from the Texas Tech head football coach, the White House produced the Obama birth certificate.

If Tuberville can inspire the leader of the free world, and arguably the most powerful person outside of Oprah, to finally answer this question why couldn't he beat the worst Texas Longhorns team in years at home in Lubbock?



Chris Jones

Wow. We can lose hundreds of thousands of jobs in a recession but we still can't get rid of talentless sportswriters. Despite 1310's greatness, you and galloway & co are glaring problems w/ Dallas sports media - irrelevant and dumb.

Greg Renfro TTU Alum

I'm tired of hearing you and Galloway saying Tech is to scared to play TCU!!! In fact this would be THE year to play TCU since they are graduating double digit seniors. By the way, you have heard of the Southwest Conference right??? Texas Tech leads the series 28-23-3 all time FYI. Not to mention that we have played TCU in the recent past. 2004(70-35 TTU win which frog fans like to forget)and 2006 (12-3 TCU win which Tech fans want to forget). Truth be told Tech is similar in football to TCU in that they are a smaller school trying to compete with the traditional powers. TCU has had several great football teams recently there is no doubt. I would venture to say they would not have gone undefeated in one or two of those years if they had to play in Austin or Norman though(yes I know they did win in Norman in 2005).

Academically, socially, and economically they are miles apart thank God. Do you find it at all ironic that a school that charges $43,000 a year to attend is complaining about being excluded from the BCS? Isn't that what TCU does every year by enrolling only those whose parents can afford it or who choose to go into a mountain of debt? $172,000 for a degree??? They have a business school right? Do they teach about ROI? Get real and get off your elitist high horse.

D. Oliver

Hope he doesnt try to recruit any kids with parents that vote democrat. Being an Auburn fan,We sure are glad TTech has him

J. Follis

Being an Auburn fan, you can get used to the NCAA investigation for paying players to help win a championship that may likely be taken away.

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