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BBQ Breakdown - Hickory House BBQ & Grill in Dallas Is a Solid Hit

IMGP0395 DALLAS - A few rules for dining at any great establishment should be as follows:

1.) No chain. Chains suck.
2.) A place where the Dept. of Health doesn't drop by too often. We don't need them interfering with goodness.

Haven't hit BBQ a lot lately in my travels but I have been passing by this place - Hickory House BBQ & Grill in Dallas - for years and never stopped by until the other day.

Hickory House BBQ & Grill
600 S. Riverfront
Dallas, Texas 75207

The place has been open since 1952, and has a large menu ranging from breakfast to burgers, to BBQ to enchiladas. 
IMGP0396 The owner stressed that I should have ordered the burger, but instead I took the chopped sandwich with beans and fries.

Two of the employees really stressed I should have ordered the brisket, or the chicken fried steak. The chopped sandwich is good. Very good. Would have preferred a little more sauce on it, but the star of this sandwich is the bun.

It tastes like it's covered in oil or butter and it makes for a very IMGP0397 sweet tasting BBQ sandwich.
The beans are sweet; even my 2-year-old daughter liked them

Fries? Standard. Good. Not great.

I will come back for the burger.

A good place to stop and eat for not a lot of money.



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