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Dwyane Wade Should Have Been NBA Exec of Year, Not Pat Riley

Pat_riley_championship_rings Upon further review, how the NBA handed Pat Riley a co-executive of the year award devalues what GMs across this league actually do to build teams. It's slap in face to anyone who Bulls GM Gar Forman, who won the award along with Riley.

What Heat czar Pat Riley did was not team building in the true sense. It was a long process of agreed collusion between Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh. Just because it didn't violate the collusion in the sense of owners agreeing to screw players out of big deals (see Major League Baseball) doesn't mean the act didn't take place, or that Riley really built anything.

The guy who built the Miami Heat is Dwyane Wade, and South Beach. Without Wade lobbying his former Team USA buddies years ago this team doesn't happen. If Miami is in Milwaukee, this team doesn't happen.

This is what Pat Riley essentially did: Told Wade to tell his buddies they can come to Miami for a little bit less cash than what they would receive elsewhere, and he would find a couple of spare parts who are slightly above average. 
And when LeBron's "team" came for a visit, Riley said here is how much we can give you, and we'll set up your professional friends with fake jobs, too.

Riley's savvy GMing with LeBron basically involved him saying, "Yes". A lot.

Then Riley kept Udonis Haslem around, and people threw a party when Riley signed Mike Miller as a key role player. 

Dwyane_wade If the Heat defeat the Mavs to win a title this season Riley will be commended as the guy who built another championship team.
He shouldn't.

The guy who built the Heat is Dwyane Wade.



Miami Heat Junkie

This is a dumb article. In any dynasty EVERYONE plays there part. Everyone has a role. And you have to know the professionalism of this organization. Which obviously you don't! Get over it! Pat Riley is a smart man & he has always kept his eye on the prize. Even when yall were sleeping on the HEAT! HE SAW VISION.

Stan Van Gundy

I love Pat Riley.

I loved him with the Lakers, the Knicks, and with the Heat (both times).

I think you are spot on correct. Riley told Wade to go recruit Lebron & Bosh.

For Riley's part, what he did, or better said; 'what happend' in south beach was not "GM of the Year" worthy.

Probably his best job was in New York. He took what he had and just bulled his was into the playoffs.

I love Riley and I'd love to see him get another ring.

But I think like your article(s) suggests; I'd like to see him have to work for it.

....maybe next year Riley.

This year... GO MAVS!!!!

David Stern

Having Wade sell Lebron and Bosh on south beach, lots of money, and a half dozen NBA rings sounds only sounds hard...cough..

Give it to Riley.

He got it done.


I guess it is OK when owners collude.. see McHale sending KG to Celtics or Jerry West sending Gasol to Lakers among others..

Pat Riley

Riley has been a master GM since he got to Miami. He brought in Zo/Hardaway for era 1.. then Wade/Shaq for era 2.. now Wade/lbj/bosh for era 3.. give the man some credit.

You wanna say D Wade should be exec of the year? Who drafted D Wade? Who had to start clearing cap space YEARS ahead when no other GM was?

Don't be bitter. The Mavs have had a great season. Nothing to be upset about.

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