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Friday Hangover: Mavs/Heat - It's On Like Donkey Kong - Heat Favored by 5.5 in Game 1

1. The Hangover 2 is out. Early reviews aren't great. The sequel is never as good. And these guys didn't get rich off the first one so of course they came around for No. 2 to cash in.

2. Can the Mavs really beat this team? God let us hope so.

Dscn2739-small1-300x225 3. Time for the Rangers to get fat: They open a three-game series against the Royals tonight. A sweep is in order. The Dave Barnett era begins, too.

4. I can't believe this - four of the top five team ERAs in the AL come from the AL Joke.

5. This can't be good - Lance Armstrong is hiring more lawyers. Because he's clean.

6. The Astros aren't just awful, they are lose 100 games awful. 

7. The Miami Heat are favored by 5.5 points in Game 1.

051310_ashley_greene_544_99167139 8. A reason to put in a picture of Ashley Greene.

9. The greatest thing ever in sports - Game 7. The Bruins play the Lightning tonight for the right to lose to the Canucks in the Cup Finals.




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